Hummingbird SQL Parser

Semantic SQL parsing & analysis API.

Hummingbird SQL parser is super-fast and handles full scope of complex database-specific SQL dialects. Built from the ground-up, it is designed to power our next-gen products. This REST API opens it up for you.

Time to parse
Lines of code
Non-empty lines of code
Lines of code per second
select * from students where first_name = 'Robert'; drop table students; -- and last_name='Smith';

Our custom technology

And so capable. Analyzing a million lines of code script? Ten seconds.
Parses enormous SQL scripts.
Scripts up to 2GB in size are supported.
Complete SQL dialects.
We are almost finished handling all of the PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/pgSQL and MySQL code constructs.


Validate SQL syntax.
Decent messages for your errors with exact line, position in line, and offset.
Split script by statements.
Get the JSON array of all statements, or get a ZIP file.
Statement tree.
Find out exactly which statements are in your script and where.
Format code.
Unified formatting all of your code per your specific requirements.
List tokens.
Open up possibilities for your own custom code on top of our tokenizer.
Complete syntax tree.
The ultimate power to you to build your own tooling on top.

Semantic analysis

Read/write report.
Know exactly which objects are writing to specific tables and which ones are reading from them.
Reference validation.
List all the objects referencing non-existent objects.
Find usage.
List objects referencing specific object.
List dependencies.
Detailed information about objects used in the code.
Info at position.
Detailed information about the word at a specific offset (or line/character) in the script.
Detect independent areas.
Split the code into areas depending on the references.

Join the waiting list.

You will be asked a few questions.
We are releasing this incrementally to qualified devs on our list.